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[collection]Red Planet - Red Planet

Keywords: Red Planet
Downloads: 4
[audio]IUMA: Red Planet
Red Planet's approach to rock n roll pop songs is to take the best part of The Cars and David Lee Roth-era Van Halen, load it full of hooks and harmonies and filter it through the parts of 90s music that rocked. Their energetic live performances have earned Red Planet a nomination for the 1999 Bammies as the Best Northern California Rock/Pop Artist. Industry and press have unanimously supported Red Planet...
Keywords: Red Planet
Downloads: 17
[audio]angry red planet "mediocrity"
angry red planet
Keywords: angry red planet
Downloads: 61
[movies]curiosity mars - jon obsworth
curiosity mars clip of mars from curiosity images 
Keywords: curiosity; mars; space; red planet
Downloads: 105
Mars has been the setting for many tales of science fiction. This program shows how facts gleaned from space missions began to separate fact from fiction
Keywords: Mars; red planet; solar system; JSC; NASA
Downloads: 228
[audio]25. Geometrika [13.02.08] Red Planet
25. Geometrika [13.02.08] Red Planet
Keywords: Red planet; Techno; Detroit; Geometrika; Directo
Downloads: 30
[audio]Dj Cool Cool Tribe Part 121 Red Planet
Dj Cool Cool Tribe Part 121 Red Planet
Keywords: Dj Cool Cool Tribe Part 121 Red Planet
Downloads: 30
[audio]The Alien Invasion #46 - Tribble Horror - Galactic Netcasts
The issue of human-alien marriage, Red's Planet; the web comic and we examine the Vulcan race from Star Trek. * Would the U.S. recognize a human-alien marriage? http://io9.com/5935961/would-human+alien-or-human+supernatural-marriages-be-recognized-under-us-law * A teaser trailer for the video game/TV show Defiance is released. http://sciencefiction.com/2012/08/24/new-commercial-for-syfys-defiance-airs/ * The web comic about a little girl, abducted by aliens, then marooned on a deserted world...
Keywords: marriage rights; Defiance; Syfy; Red's Planet; webcomic; Vulcan; Star Trek; Super 8; Brother From Another Planet; Enterprise; Carbon Creek
Downloads: 320
[audio]Insight: Sinking Delta Islands / Olympic Update / Red Storm / Cupcake Wars
Sinking Delta Islands-The islands in the Sacramento Delta are sinking and the levee system is a bureaucratic nightmare, according to a new report commissioned by the State of California Energy Commission. The new report on climate change has found the levees surrounding sinking islands in the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta will reach dangerous levels by 2050. If levees on one of the islands fail, the sunken interior will fill with water and suck salt water from the Bay, which will then be pumped t...
Keywords: KXJZ; Insight; Capital Public Radio; Sacramento public radio; CSU Sacramento; Curiosity; Mars; Red Planet; sinking delta islands; levees; Olympics; spoiler alerts; Mike Sayers; Cupcake Wars; Red Porter; cupcakes
Downloads: 220
[audio]"Let's Explore" | MUSIC & SOUND FILES + Extras | Mars Software & Arc Media Inc. *ʀᴀʀᴇ* - Mars Software & Arc Media Inc.
Hey guys! I am proud to present to you this extremely rare, hard to get in good quality track pack. The main themes from Mars Software & Arc Media Inc's "Let's Explore" CD pack! Every element of this track is perfect for me to listen to. It brings back memories of my childhood :) _________________________________________­__ This CD came with the five tracks in the pack: "The Solar System", "The Sun & Moon, "Mars", "The Galaxy" and "Space Missions"...
Keywords: Let's Explore; The Solar System; The Sun & Moon; Mars; The Red Planet; The Galaxy; Space Missions; Mars Software; Arc Media Inc; CallaxianTitan; Rare; Space music; Ambient
Downloads: 59
[audio]Galactic Netcasts Special #3 - Attack of the 50's - Galactic Netcasts
On this special, Dave is busy WORKING so the remaining hosts decide to talk about 1950's sci-fi and how it influenced the genre in the years following. Each host watched a movie and discussed it's impact on the science fiction world. Brad watched It! The Terror from Beyond Space The first manned expedition to Mars is decimated by an unknown life form...which stows away on the rescue ship. For Anessa it was The Man From Planet X As a mysterious planet hurls itself toward earth, an enigmatic extra...
Keywords: 1950's; science fiction; scifi; It! The Terror from Beyond Space; The Man From Planet X; The Angry Red Planet; monster movies; monsters; aliens
Downloads: 308
[audio]Going to Mars? Avoid Space Cancer! Build a Deflector Shield! - Scott Unger, Experimental
Cosmic radiation is a huge problem for intrepid explorers of the cosmos - but one group in the UK has begun research on creating mini-magnetospheres that can act as deflector shields to protect astronauts from ionizing radiation when they blast off for places like Mars!
Keywords: lunar swirls; reiner gamma; deflector shield; star trek; mars; travel to mars; manned mission to mars; the red planet; red planet; magnetosphere; magnetic shield; cosmic rays; cosmic radiation; solar radiation; solar flares; solar wind; podcast; science podcast; popular science; popular science podcast; experimental; experimental podcast; space travel; astronauts; NASA; Scott Unger
Downloads: 120
[audio]BV Podcast 0160 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Score? BV: 160, world: 0 * Misc. incoherent ramblings * Tune 1: Gasoline by Justin Gordon * Decline and Fall of Human Rights o Obama Poster controversy (cont.) o Kindle 2 Authors' Guild Rant, and Amazon backs down (sad) o NZ Copyright Law madness o MarloweDK gets banned from YouTube o Lessig Blog * Tune 2: No Force by Red Planet * On Film: Milk
Keywords: Ramblings; Gasoline; Justin Gordon; Decline; Fall; Human Rights; Obama Poster; Controversy; Kindle; Kindle 2; Amazon; New Zealand; Copyright Law; MarloweDK; Banned; youtube; Lawrence Lessig; No Force; Red Planet; Milk
Downloads: 326
[movies]NASA Why? Files - The Red Planet - NASA LaRC Office of Education
NASA Why? Files segment exploring planet Mars, or the red planet, and explaining the environment and atmosphere of Mars.
Keywords: NASA Why? Files; The Red Planet; Robotic Airplane; Winds; Iron; Lowlands; Highlands; Volcanoe; Canyon; Thin Atmosphere; Cold; Dry; Nitrogen; Argon; Carbon Dioxide; Gas; Mars; Martian; Atmosphere; Environment; Plants; Animals
Downloads: 162
[audio]The Alien Invasion #81 - Slightly Porny - Galactic Netcasts
On The Alien Invasion #81...Showing up Frank Drake. Questioning human intelligence. Rick Yancey's book to be filmed. Plus a look at Mork from Ork in the Creature Feature. * New equation for estimating alien life across the universe. http://www.theguardian.com/science/across-the-universe/2013/sep/04/equation-alien-life-universe * Alabama community left terrified after radio station airs promotional ads featuring fake ALIEN invasion http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2408183/Alabama-community...
Keywords: Drake Equation; alien life; radio station; Alabama; fake alien invasion; The Fifth Wave; Area 51; Mork From Ork; Mork and Mindy; Star Drunk; The Host; Stephanie Meyer; The Angry Red Planet
Downloads: 395
[texts]Omni Magazine (July 1990)

Keywords: mars; space; omni; universe; planet; martian; gravity; lunar; mission; space station; dark matter; cold dark; red planet; low earth; mars mission; black hole; station freedom; space exploration; president bush
Downloads: 935
[texts]Spaceman 04 July 1962
Spaceman 04 July 1962
Keywords: space; wolf; postage; moon; flash; philadelphia; hans; captain; gus; outer space; flash gordon; screen thrills; angry red; science fiction; red planet; spacamaa spacamaa; flying saucers; famous monsters; edgar allan
Downloads: 110
[audio]The Alien Invasion Podcast: Episode 22 - Galactic Dating Service - Galactic Netcasts
On this episode we talk about... * The alien themed commercials that were played during the Superbowl, including the new trailer for Battleship. http://spinoff.comicbookresources.com/2012/02/06/battleship-super-bowl-spot-boasts-armored-aliens-lots-of-explosions/ * A new theory as to why we haven't discovered an alien civilization yet. http://news.discovery.com/space/do-aliens-go-invisible-by-going-green-120207.html * One of the ways you may end up playing Aliens: Colonial Marines...
Keywords: 1952; abducted; alexander skarsgard; alien movie franchise; alien species; aliens; Aliens: Colonial Marines; battleship; board game; brooklyn decker; chevy; commercials; Dead Space: Downfall; ecology ballanced alien civilization; fran drescher; gear box software; hasbro; implant; karl schroeder; liam neeson; movie trailer; netflix; playstation move; red planet mars; rihanna; russians; superbowl; taylor kitsch; the nanny; xenomorph
Downloads: 150
[audio]Insight: Capitol Chat / Keith Woods / Steve Wozniak / Mars Curiosity Update - Capital Public Radio, Inc.
Capitol Chat - There are a number of bills still sitting on Governor Jerry Brown's desk for him to consider. On today's Capitol Chat, Bureau Chief Ben Adler joins us to talk about some of things that have been signed into law, like the minimum wage increase. We'll also hear what's left for him to consider. Keith Woods - It's an interesting time at National Public Radio. During the summer, production stopped on "Talk of the Nation" and it was replaced by "Here and Now" in most station lineups and...
Keywords: Insight; KXJZ; Capital Public Radio; Sacramento public radio; CSU Sacramento; Capitol Chat; Governor Jerry Brown; Ben Adler, Bureau Chief; minimum wage increase; Keith Woods, NPR Vice President for Diversity in News and Operations; Talk of the Nation; Here and Now; Gary Knell, NPR President; National Geographic; Steve Wozniak; Apple Computers; Steve Jobs; cancer; Sacramento Speakers Series; Mars Curiosity Update; NASA's Curiosity; Mars; the red planet; significance of finding methane; Dawn Sumner, UC Davis Geology Professor; co-investigator for NASA's Mars Science Laboratory team; water on mars
Downloads: 496
[audio]Hard 2 Swallow 56 - Jacob Heethuis
Episode 56 / Random genital facts, one brilliant parasite & a biblical city uncovered + Boobs and Mountain Dew mouth / recorded 9-21-2013 with Jay J. Bidwell and Tyler Seevers / www.jaybidwell.com / Opening Theme Credits... The Cannery & Bass Walker Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) / Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 / http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
Keywords: Bidwell; Jay; Peon; Podcast; pods; actor; funny; laugh; comedy; free; talk radio; radio; jaybidwell.com; cats; mice; grower; shower; snail; discovered; del taco; bible; religion; god; jesus; meth; mountain dew; billion years; the sun; end of the world; red planet; mars; taxoplasm gondii; harry potter; et; extraterrestrial; meth mouth; rotting teeth; dentist; brush; duck rape; legless lizard; joseph; mary; vigirn; burning bush; amsterdam; acid trip; nevada; evolution; zombies; hard to swallow; hard 2 swallow; anal; pink eye; shit; kristy love; atlanda; georgia; squash; squishing; squashing; message; massuse; red light district; brain damage; boobs; tits; breasts; implants; sharks; cum; spray and pray; abortion; condom; troy; trojan horse; jizz; funeral; cinema shit show; facial; huffington post; blog
Downloads: 106
[movies]NASA Why? Files - The Case of the Inhabitable Habitat - NASA LaRC Office of Education
NASA Why? Files video containing the following fifteen segments. NASA Why? Files segment explaining how astronauts adapt to a new environment like space. NASA Why? Files segment explaining how astronauts train to work and live in space where there is zero gravity. NASA Why? Files segment explaining the concept of equlibrium and how the Treehouse Detectives could maintain equlibrium in a Martian environment...
Keywords: NASA Why? Files; NASA Why? Files; Adaptation; Astronauts; Space; Altitude Sickness; Oxygen; Environment; Elevation; Sea Level; Training; Weightlessness; Free Fall; Parabola; Weightless Wonder; Airplane; Simulate; Zero Gravity; Vomit Comet; Trash Management; Module; Sunlight; Gravity; Equlilibrium; Balanced System; Mars; Habitat; Weather; Meteors; Plants; Algae; Algal Bloom; Fish; Atmosphere; Minerals; Water; Photosynthesis; Carbon Dioxide; Food Web; Consumers; Producers; Decomposers; Carnivores; Herbivores; Ominvore; Community; Survival; Bacteria; Fungi; Desert; Ocean; Food; Shelter; Reef; Lagoon; Forest; Pond; Animals; Rain Forest; Predators; Behaviors; Gravity; Outer Space; Microgravity; Earth; NASA; Gravitational Force; Boiling Point; Vacuum Pump; Martian Atmosphere; Boil; Density; Ice; Liquid Water; Water Vapor; Student Activity; Migration; Migratory Patterns; Turtles; Data; Coordinates; Food Source; Space Walk; International Space Station; Hubble Space Telescope; Neutral Bouyancy; Laboratory; Orbit; Space Suit; Radiation; Seeds; Plant Growth Chamber; Plant Reproduction; Germinate; Gases; Transpiration; Pores; Leaves; Evaporation; Condensation; Space Vehicles; Food; Nutrition; Space Seeds; Arabidopsis; Mustard Weed; Life Cycle; Control Group; Records; Reproduction; Normal Growth; Bioregenerative System; Extreme Temperature; Space Suit; Radiation; Protection; Outer Space; Air Pressure; Long Johns; Maximum Absorbency Garment; Iterative Process; Gloves; Space Station; Space Trash; Reduce; Reuse; Recycle; Trash Cans; Efficient Packaging; Progress; Hardware; Self-Sufficient; Soil; Nutrients; Terrarium; The Red Planet; Robotic Airplane; Winds; Iron; Lowlands; Highlands; Volcanoe; Canyon; Thin Atmosphere; Cold; Dry; Nitrogen; Argon
Downloads: 234
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